From the heart of Holland, the company that gives you connected Things, fast. What can we do for you?

About Pycom

The Internet of Things is exploding with potential but not quite reaching predicted growth (we’ve heard anything from 20B-212B devices in 2020). In our calculations, it’s going to be far less unless someone offers a much faster and less complex way of getting connected.


So, we came together, a company of five founders, hardware meets services and strategy and we have created a fast-develop-and-connect hardware portfolio, a portal and gathered enough developer manpower to unleash the IoT growth potential. Better still, we can deliver all that without requiring new nuclear power stations to be built to support all that energy consumed to power Things. Our enterprise grade boards are little low power MicroPython driven things consuming a fraction of the energy used by other boards.

We have already completed 2 successful Kickstarter projects and now also have investment.