About Us

The Internet of Things is exploding with potential but not quite reaching predicted growth. We keep hearing astronomical figures of 25B devices by 2020… really? In our opinion, it’s going to be far less unless someone offers a much faster and less complex way of getting connected.

So, this is where we come in.

After many years in the IoT industry and seeing the challenges developers faced when wanting to develop and deploy IoT solutions, Pycom’s co-founders set out on a mission to deliver a revolutionary, fast and easy IoT platform. This is to give developers what they need – a super fast journey from rapid prototyping to enterprise grade deployment, bridging the gap between developers and enterprises. Plug, program and play. We’re talking weeks rather than months.

To achieve this, we created a portfolio of multi-LPWAN-network, open source, Micropython programmable development boards and OEM modules. Our boards and modules are supported by a full free IoT stack, including several IDEs (Pymakr), data, device and network management middleware (Pybytes, from April 2017) as well as mobile and desktop data visualisation apps such as Pymate.

Better still, we can deliver all that without requiring new nuclear power stations to be built to support all the energy consumed to power these Things. Our enterprise-grade boards and modules are little low power things consuming a fraction of the energy used by other traditional modules.

All of this is to enable large communities of developers, education facilities and enterprise customers reduce complexity and make room to focus on what’s important: the invention of connected Things.

Pycom serves a rapidly growing number of tech hobbyist and makers as well as enterprise developers and education establishments. Common for all is that they think our boards are really cool either because they enable multi-network applications or because they are programmed in MicroPython which is about 10x faster than traditional C programming (typically used for embedded developments). Why not join us on our Forum and Twitter feed where you will find our developers very active and happy to help!