Pycom advisors are individuals who in one way or another help us get to where we have set out to go. They have long-term deep expertise in their field and form an important part of our decision making process.

Benedicte Enbom Crofts

Benbom Branding

Ben is a Brand Strategist who helps global companies articulate their brand, positioning and define their culture. She is a brand guardian who ensures they stay ‘on brand’ in every aspect of what they do.

Her experience spans wide as she’s worked with start-ups, corporates and design agencies with achievements counting delivery of global re-branding for a mega vendor in interactive research as well as brand strategy for digital agency Razorfish. Prior to that she worked with corporate development for a global advertising network.

She is a Danish bundle of catch-on energy who sweeps in with crystal clear objectives, great methodologies and demonstrable value in the outcomes.

Ben has a Master’s Degree and has lived abroad for half her life. She speaks an impressive 6 languages and to top it off she is also a qualified NLP Coach. When the rest of us read books she reads people.

Patrick Andrews

New Forest Advisory LLP

Patrick advises ambitious start-ups on governance, contracts and strategy. A former solicitor, he’s worked for many years with a great number of large multinational corporations. His experience spans wide and in the 1990s, he helped establish one of the first aerospace joint ventures in Russia and in 2000 worked on a pioneering Chinese project for retailer Kingfisher.

More recently he has been on the board of several small companies including eco-car company Riversimple, which recently unveiled a prototype hydrogen-powered vehicle to great acclaim. He has a particular interest in governance of network-like organisations that enable a rapid and flexible response in fast-moving environments. A quote from the man himself: “Oui, il parle tres bien le francais et aussi some Russian”.