Our Vision is to bridge the gap between developers and enterprises

The innovations gap

When you look across water and see a bridge you know that it’s quicker to get to the other side using that bridge. That’s what Pycom is. A bridge between developers and enterprises to let them reach their IoT project goals faster using boards, software and solutions that are ready to be customised, rebuilt or extended.


Pycom’s mission is to deliver an IoT platform enabling the rapid prototyping and deployment of multi-bearer MicroPython (open source) powered devices. These are supported by a comprehensive and proprietary library of industry specific applications to enable large communities of developers, education facilities and enterprise customers all of whom are looking to deploy enterprise grade IoT solutions.


Building fast micro controlled solutions using existing fit for purpose MicroPython core and existing or new applications posted on Pycom Exchange (another word for App Store).


Resilience and future proofing with multi-bearer boards that all run MicroPython for rapid and easy development. We can think of a few…Wi-Fi, LPWAN, GSM, Bluetooth can you think of more?


Help to extract the most relevant data from the edge of the network where sensors connect, means fun in seeing results quickly, faster decisions and less data transfer time and costs.

Silo Busting

Giving developers and enterprises the opportunity to collaborate. Developers have the brains, enterprises have the funds. Pycom is the bridge. Together we build connected products that make us all look smart…