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The WiPy

WiPy 2.0 – available now  The upgraded WiPy board featuring WiFI and BLE, powered by the new ESP32.

The LoPy

LoPy – available now. The first triple network Pycom board featuring LoRa, WiFI and BLE. The ESP32 gives the LoPy an amazing 1km WiFi and our recent test showed 22km range on LoRa. Go invent.

The SiPy

SiPy – shipping November 2016. Another triple network Pycom board featuring Sigfox, WiFI and BLE. The SiPy also has the amazing 1km WiFi and enables connectivity to all Sigfox networks in the world. Go invent.

Roll Out Your Solution on a Network of Your Choice

Whether you are thinking indoor WiFi, LoRa, Sigfox or cellular, we have the hardware platform and connectivity deal coming your way to get you off to a fast and reliable start. We believe in choice and flexibility.

Manage Your Things from Your Desk, Sofa or Office…

Use one of the pre-developed phone or desktop apps from the Pycom exchange …or work with one of our partners for one you can call your own.