On a final note for 2016, meet GPy, our latest Pycom addition!

Dear All,

I am sure that many of you today are focusing on spending time with family and looking forward to your many presents under the tree! Well, at Pycom, we like to give and so there will be one more present from us this year 🙂

Let me introduce the GPy, the latest LTE-M board from our LPWAN family of products. So, whilst our immediate focus will be on rolling out the FiPy in April, our new 5 network module, we will also be rolling out a triple network shortly thereafter, to include WiFi, BLE and LTE-M.

The GPy will also have an OEM version, the G01, and whilst the GPy will have a nano SIM card reader to give you total flexibility and choice of cellular network provider, the G01 will use integrated SIM technology and available direct from Pycom or through a series of strategy Mobile Network Operator partners which we will announce throughout Q1 2017.

The GPy will also benefit from Sequans’ State-of-the-Art Monarch chip thus enabling you to have:

  • One single chip for both CAT M1 and NB1 (yes, only one chip) – 3GPP release 13 LTE Advanced Pro.
  • Supports narrowband LTE UE categories M1/NB1
  • Integrated baseband, RF, RAM memory and power management
  • Reduced Tx power class op on
  • Peak power estimations: TX current = 420mA peak @1.5Wa RX current = 330mA peak @1.2Wa
  • Data rates:
    • 300 kbps DL
    • 375 kbps UL (LTE Cat M1 in 1.4 Mhz, HD-FDD) – 40 kbps DL
    • 55 kbps UL (LTE Cat M2 in 200 kHz, HD-FDD)

It’s available for pre-order on our webshop: https://www.pycom.io/product/gpy-pre-order-for-shipping-may-2017/

So as we reflect on 2016, whilst we have much work to do in 2017, we hope the product portfolio will enable you to do some cool rapid IoT developments with MicroPython whilst having peace of mind that there is a network out there to CONNECT your ‘Things’. With over 6,500 customers in over 64 countries, we think “Things’ are starting to take shape.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in Pycom!
Very best Wishes and see you in 2017!

Fred, Bettina, Daniel and the amazing Pycom Team