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Product Description

Webshop Bundle: The LoPy Super Twin package means you can begin your LoPy development with one easy, super fast and enterprise grade IoT development platform. It’s got LoRa, WiFi and BLE added to a powerful Espressif ESP32 chip. And we’ve thrown in tons more great features.

The twin bundle includes:

  • 2 LoPy modules
  • 2 Expansion Boards
  • 2 LoRa Antenna kits

Compatible with Pymakr IDE.

LoPy Specifications

  • Inexpensive, small and breadboard friendly
  • Ultra low power (850uA with the WiFi connection active)
  • Lots of GPIOs, interfaces and peripherals
  • Powerful CPU, BLE and state of the art WiFi radio
  • Hardware floating point acceleration
  • Python multi-threading

The LoPy can act as both a LoRa Nano Gateway and a multi-bearer (LoRa, WiFi and BLE)  development platform. It is programmable with MicroPython and the Pymakr IDE for fast IoT application development, easy programming in-field and extra resilience with network failover. The best blend of speed to deployment and access to new LPWAN networks rolling out across Europe, USA, Africa and India.

Check out the LoPy 1.0 specification sheet for complete product details. Or click here for the specification sheet in Mandarin.

NOTE: Using the LoRa radio without the external antenna can lead to damage of the device and is therefore not recommended.

Expansion Board Specifications:

  • USB and LiPo battery powered
  • FT234XD USB to serial converter
  • LiPo battery charger (BQ24040 ), with options for 2 different charging currents (100mA and 450mA)
  • TPS2115A with reverse voltage protection
  • MicroSD card slot
  • 2 female headers to easily plug in the WiPy and 2 extra female headers on the sides
  • JST style battery connector
  • Power LED and charge status LED
  • 1 user LED and 1 user switch
  • 2 breadboard areas on the sides that can be broken away if desired
  • Expansion Board Size: 65mm x 50 mm x 12mm

Download the expansion board specification sheet. Or click here to see it in Mandarin.

LoRa Antenna Kit

  • External antenna.
  • RF Cable Assemblies RP-SMA (Female) JK-IPEX MHF U.FL 1.13 100MM
  • RP-SMA (Male) Tilt Swivel 1/2 Wave Whip antenna


PLEASE NOTE: The Espressif ESP32 firmware on Pycom modules is continuously evolving and buyers are reminded that regular firmware updates will be made available.

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Additional Information

Weight .320 kg
Expansion Board

USB and LiPo battery powered
FT234XD USB to serial converter
LiPo battery charger
MicroSD card slot
2 female headers
Size: 65mm x 50 mm x 12mm

LoRa Antenna Kit

External antenna
RF Cable Assemblies SMA(F) JK-IPEX MHF U.FL 1.13 100MM
SMA Tilt Swivel 1/2 Wave Whip antenna

LoPy Firmware Version



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