Pymakr is the one and only tool you’ll ever need to develop on any of the Pycom boards or modules …and any future Pycom boards for that matter. It’s a fully featured IDE that connects to your Pycom devices via Telnet Server or serial port, runs your code on the fly, manages the internal file system, synchronizes your code instantly and runs it with just one click. It also takes care of firmware upgrades and includes a built in console that interfaces with the MicroPython REPL.
Is available for download for Windows, Linux and OS X.

Pymakr comes in three different flavours:

– Pymakr Lite for experienced developers who are used to Arduino

– Pymakr Expert, for professional developers

– Pymakr Starter for aspiring developers who are just getting to grips with it all (Coming soon)

The Pymakr downloads cover all existing versions – at present Lite and Expert editions. You will be informed on how to select between them once you load the IDE for the first time.

Download Pymakr on Github or on our resources page.

We’ll be updating the Pymakr regularly.

To keep up to date please join us on the Pycom forum.