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What is MicroPython?

MicroPython is a lean and fast implementation of the Python 3 programming language that is optimised to run on a microcontroller. MicroPython was successfully funded via a Kickstarter campaign and the software is now  available to the public under the MIT open source license.


Read more about MicroPython here


What can I use the WiPy for?

The WiPy is a good fit for a large number of embedded applications. It has up to 24 GPIO pins available, UARTs, SPI, I2C, SD card, and I2S interfaces, WDT, RTC, 32 bit timers with PWM, a 12 bit ADC, and of course, a state of the art WiFi network processor. Besides that, the board packs 3v3 ultra low noise regulator output, which you can use to power lots of external accessories. In general the WiPy is made for WiFi connected applications (IoT), and if low power is a must, then the WiPy is the way to go.

How open is the open source hardware?

A1. For non-commercial use: You can use, change and embed the WiPy design files into your project freely, we only ask to make a reference to us in your documentation. For a small donation we can make a reference to your project/product on our website and in the credits of the WiPy.

A2. For commercial use: You can use, change and embed our WiPy design files into your project, we only ask to make a reference to us in your documentation and a (small) donation of your choice. For the donation we can also make a reference to your project/product on our website and in the credits of the WiPy.

Where can I find the hardware design files?

You can download the schematics, bill of material and GERBER files from our website. Links will be available very soon.

Where can I get support?

A1. You have many options, for MicroPython specific questions, go to (, and for things WiPy specific you have our Forum, tutorial and manuals.

A2. For Hardware support you can check our active forum, or ask your question. The forum is check on a daily basis by our team of professionals and the many (professional) WiPy users.

What is the power consumption of the WiPy?

Only 14 mA with WiFi enabled and the processor running at full speed, but it can go as low as 5uA while HIBERNATING. The most interesting power saving mode is SUSPENDED, which takes the current consumption down to 850uA and keeps the WiFi connection enabled, allowing internet traffic to wake up the WiPy in less than 5 ms.


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