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How to Guides
Getting Started with WiPy:

Installing PyMakr and Configuration with Device

WiPy 2.0 and Expansion Board Setup

Upgrading WiPy 2.0 Firmware

Firmware Updates

Latest firmware version

Current firmware updater version: 1.0.0.b1. Note that this is the version of the updater, not the version of our latest firmware. The updater ensures that the newest firmware version is installed to your Pycom device.

Running the firmware updater requires a serial connection to your device. The easiest way to do this is via the expansion board.

  • Pycom updater Windows
  • Pycom updater LinuxNote: Before running the Linux updater you might need to execute: sudo apt-get install dialog
  • Pycom updater macOS (requires version 10.11 or higher)

Older firmware versions

Instructions about installing an older firmware version can be found in our forum. Please note that older firmware versions are not officially supported, so install an older version only if there's an urgent need.


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