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Py Products

Pycom products have been specially designed to be enterprise grade and reliably connected once deployed. Each board apart from the WiPy will be multi bearer to give connectivity resiliency, and all Pycom products will be MicroPython enabled.

All microcontroller products are enterprise grade and are fit for purpose (technically and commercially) offering secure SSL connectivity between platform and device.

How To Connect Your WiPy

On Hackster.io: Daniel will introduce us to the WiPy (a WiFi-enabled board that runs MicroPython) and hook up some sensors. The data will stream to the cloud, and then back down to a tablet running the Blynk app for instant visualization!

How to use the Pymakr IDE

At Pycom Daniel introduces us to the Pymakr IDE and how to program the WiPy and future Pycom boards with this intuitive IDE which is now compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux.

Micropython is the Linux of IoT

The rapid-results microcontroller scripting language of the future, simple, powerful and fit for purpose. Develop your next IoT solution with this agile new open source scripting language.

LoRa is the next network for IoT

Low power WAN is a network specifically designed for IoT. The benefits of this include being able to reach devices in challenging areas such as rural, indoors and underground. Power consumption is vastly improved too,  with battery life often over 10 years from a single AA battery.

Management Platform

See your things, the data they collect and manage your applications with a portal that brings it all together for you. Go have a look at the Pybytes to see if there’s something there for you?