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Creating connected objects to bring educational projects to life is easy with the Pycom boards. The WiPy is Wi-Fi enabled and runs with MicroPython, a scripting language that is 10x faster to program than C and Python. MicroPython gives you the  same great expressive granularity and allows you to design, create and deploy connected Things very easily and super fast.

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Lesson 1: Create a motion sensor

Lesson 2: Set up email alerts when a motion is detected

Lesson 3: start web camera when a motion is detected

Is it warm?

Lesson 1: Monitor temperature: creating a temperature sensor

Lesson 2: Set temperature thresholds and get email alerts

Lesson 3: Set up an action when temperature alert is sent

Turn the lights off!

Lesson 1: Create a light sensor application

Lesson 2: Set thresholds and action if the light becomes too dim

What’s the weather today?

Lesson 1: Create a barometer to tell you.

Lesson 2: Create an alert if a threshold is reached

Lesson 3: Set up an action when threshold alert is sent